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REU Application

REU Application Process

We aim to recruit a diverse student group. Individuals from the following groups are especially encouraged to apply:

  • Members of minority groups underrepresented in forestry
  • Students from colleges and universities with limited opportunities for research
  • Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces
  • Students from disadvantaged backgrounds, that is, first-generation college students and/or students from low-income households
  • Students with disabilities

Please note that you will be asked to upload the following:

  • Names and contact information of three people who have agreed to write letters of recommendation. These individuals should be professional references (i.e., people who can speak to your skills as a professional and your ability to successfully complete a REU program), preferably professors with whom you have worked or had classes. **Note: The NSF ETAP application requires three references, but applications will be assessed by the REU program mentors based on the first two references provided.
  • Resumé or CV
  • College transcript (The transcript can be unofficial)
  • Personal statement including your experiences, interest in natural resources, and career goals.
  • Responses to specific questions about your interests and goals, and if you have a particular faculty mentor you would like to work with.

Please note that we are using a common NSF Education and Training Application. This application includes certain questions that we do not need and will not consider, specifically SAT scores. You can leave that section blank.

Questions regarding the REU or the application process? Please contact the REU program coordinators, Dr. Ashley Schulz ( or Dr. Adam Polinko (

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