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Summer Field Program

General Information

Currently Enrolled Students: Applications and general information are available by clicking on the links. In addition to completing the application and medical forms, students must pre-register for the Summer Field Program during Spring pre-registration. Courses are listed in the 10-week summer term.

Transfer Students: Download general information.

  1. Apply for admission online. You should start this process now to make sure you are admitted by March 1. Make sure to send all transcripts and your immunization form. You will need to send another final transcript once grades are posted after the spring semester is completed.
  2. Once you are admitted, start checking and using your MSU email address.
  3. Apply for MSU and CFR scholarships by March 1 through MyState. You must be admitted to apply for scholarships.
  4. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at Mississippi residents should apply for MIssissippi Aid at
  5. Submit the Summer Field Program application through the admissions portal. A link will be emailed to you after you are admitted to MSU.
  6. Make plans to register for classes. Prior to your Orientation session, You will receive an email from Lanna Miller with information about scheduling an individual, virtual advising appointment.
  7. ALL holds must be taken care of before you can register for the SFP classes. Check your account in Banner under the Holds link.
  8. If you are taking a prerequisite course this spring, you need to verify your final grade by May 15. Once spring grades are posted, send a copy of your final grade(s) to while your final transcript is being processed.
  9. Set up a payment plan or pay tuition/fees at the Cashier’s Office in Garner Hall or online through your Banner account.
  10. Notify Dr. Granger immediately if you need to update your medical information after you submit it.
  11. Be prepared. Have all required equipment and textbooks before the first day of class. Bring a packed lunch and plenty of water every day. First lecture begins promptly at 8:00 am in room 208 Thompson Hall Annex.

Essential Skills for Successful Completion of the Forest Measurements Section of the MSU Forestry Summer Field Program: Read a summary of the essential skills. Download

Summer Field Program Courses with prerequisites

  • FO 3015 Forest Description and Analysis (May 20 - May 31) (Prerequisites: Forest Measurements, Intro Statistics)
  • FO 3012 Intro to Forest Communities (June 3 - June 14) (Prerequisites: Dendrology and Soils)
  • WFA 3031 Wildlife and Fisheries Practices (June 17 - June 21)
  • FO 4231 Intro to Wood Supply Systems (June 24 - June 28)
  • FO 3015 Forest Description and Analysis (July 1 - July 19)

Estimated Costs (subject to change)

Tuition and Fees: Regular tuition and fees are required for the nine hours of credit of the Summer Field Program. 2024 tuition and fee information can be found here:

Contact MSU Account Services about payment plans. To pay your bill: Log in to your banner account and click on the Banner tab. Under account information, you can select make a payment. Follow directions to enter information.

Financial Aid: Requests for information about financial aid should be directed to the MSU Student Financial Aid Office. Application for financial aid should be made as early in the year as possible. Students are encouraged to submit the FAFSA even if they will not be receiving financial aid since the FAFSA information is also used to award scholarships. Mississippi residents should also complete the Mississippi Aid Application.

Scholarships: SFP students are eligible for scholarships which will be awarded after the completion of SFP 2024. Students must complete the MSU general and conditional scholarship applications to be eligible. Students who complete their applications by the March 1 deadline will be considered for MSU, CFR and SFP scholarships. The MSU application is found under the Student Financial Aid and Scholarships tab in the MyState portal. The deadline for SFP-specific scholarships is July 1.

Housing: Students are responsible for making their own housing arrangements. For on-campus housing, contact MSU Housing at 662-325-3555. Mention that you are attending the College of Forest Resources' Summer Field Program.


Avery, T.E. and H. E. Burkhart. 2002. Forest Measurements. 5th Edition. McGraw-Hill Inc., New York, NY. 456 pages. (6th edition is also okay.)

Parker, R.C., T.G. Matney, and K.L. Belli. 2010. Field and Laboratory Exercises for Forest Description and Analysis. Edition 14.0, Dept. of Forestry, College of Forest Resources, Mississippi State University, Spring 2010. 266 pp.

Required Equipment

Download the list of Required Equipment and Textbooks

You are free to purchase these items from any source of your choosing but many of the items are available at Forestry Suppliers, Inc. and if you use the reference key code F43, Forestry Suppliers will give you an additional 10% discount on your purchase.

  • A Silva Ranger Bearing hand compass (do not get an azimuth compass, make sure it is a bearing compass)
  • BAF 10 prism (Make sure the prism is in English units – do not get a prism in metric units. The lanyard is not required but for the price it might be worth it to avoid losing your prism in the field.)
  • Diameter tape (20 ft., 0.1 inch precision, make sure it is in English units – do not get metric) or
    You may purchase a Spencer 75’ English Loggers Tape (75 ft., measures in feet, 10ths, 100ths on one side and 120” diameter inches, 10ths, other side. Make sure it is in English units – do not get metric). This is typically the better option is you are planning to stay in a forestry-related field long-term.
  • Tree and log scale stick (Biltmore sticks are acceptable but these are typically more expensive so a tree and log scale stick will work just fine)
  • Cruisers vest (Must be high visibility orange, Do not get tan.)
  • Hardhat (Orange would be fine)
  • Insect Spray
  • Scientific calculator (You do not need an expensive calculator, a $15 to $20 scientific calculator will work just fine.)
  • Jump drive or data storage device (high capacity)
  • Active cell phone (for communication purposes, not to be used as a calculator)
  • Clipboard
  • Engineer's Triangular Scale

Summer Field Program Registration

All forms are in Adobe pdf format.

Application and Medical Form

Summer 2023 Summer Field Program General Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get an application form for the Summer Field Program?
Applications and information for the Summer Field Program may be obtained by clicking the links. Transfer students must apply for Admission to MSU. You can apply online at MSU Admissions. Students are not allowed to register for the Summer Field Program until their MSU Admission status is clear or contingent and immunization records are received. The SFP application link will be emailed to you are you are admitted.

Can I participate in Summer Field Program if I lack just one prerequisite course?
There are four courses that make up Summer Field Program. You must have the pre-requisite for each course to enroll in that course. You may enroll in part of Summer Field Program. See your advisor.

Do I have to pre-register for Summer Field Program?
Yes. You must pre-register for Summer Field Program during the Spring pre-registration process or by attending Orientation. You must also submit a Summer Field Program Application and medical form to the College of Forest Resources Student Services Office by the deadline. This ensures a review of your application in a timely manner and allows problems to be resolved. Transfer students are strongly encouraged to apply for Admission to MSU by March 1, and to contact the College of Forest Resources Student Services Office for a pre-registration appointment.

Where can I live during the Summer Field Program?
Housing is available on campus in residence halls or in Starkville. Students can contact MSU Housing at Identify that you are attending the Summer Field Program.

Contact Information

Lanna Miller
College of Forest Resources Student Services Coordinator
Box 9680
Mississippi State, MS 39762
Fax: 662-325-1612

Dr. Joshua Granger
Summer Field Program Coordinator
Box 9681
Mississippi State, MS 39762

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